AUGUST 3, 2017 - Meeting with DHS Officials

Members of the Steering Committee met with representatives from DHS offices including: OMAP, OMHSAS, OCYF and ODP to continue to discuss their high level strategies for reducing both the number of children living in congregate care facilities and their lengths of stay. Each office reported on its progress, as did the Coalition and several action steps were identified. 


APRIL 20, 2017 - Meeting with DHS Secretary Dallas

In October 2016, Coalition representatives met with the DHS Secretary Ted Dallas who directed the various Deputy Secretaries of DHS Offices and/or their designees to develop data reports to track trends in the use of congregate care facilities for children with disabilities, to report quarterly to the Coalition, and to collaborate with us to refine data collection methods and track results. After two of these meetings, the conversation shifted to include discussion of DHS high-level strategies for reducing both the number of children in facilities and the lengths of stay. These meetings will continue to take place every two months. Our most recent meeting with DHS took place April 20. 

OCTOBER 19, 2016  - Meeting with deputy secretaries

Coalition members met with the Secretaries in follow-up to previous meetings; updates and future activities were discussed. 

AUGUST 8, 2016 | THE FULL COALITION - meeting with DHS Officials

The Imagine Different Coalition gathered in Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia along with key players from government, provider associations and invited guests to discuss challenges and strategies for pursuing our current high priority goals. 


The Coalition was invited to present its mission, ideas, and recommended solutions to the Deputy Secretaries of Offices under the Department of Human Services. See the PowerPoint presentation here