COALition structure

The Coalition is organized into a small number of collaborative, intersecting workgoups to conduct the various tasks needed to move the effort forward.  Each workgroup has a chair or two co-chairs selected by the workgroup members.  Workgroup co-chairs also serve on the Coalition Steering Committee that oversees and integrates workgroup activities.  The Steering Committee additionally includes the Coalition chairs, selected by the coalition membership, the Imagine Different Coordinator, project consultant, and the project director.

Coalition positions, rules of operation and other coalition products originate in and are drafted within these workgroups.   Workgroup Chairs then submit drafts first to the Steering Committee for review and possible edits. The Steering Committee in turn disseminates refined versions the full Coalition for review and input to provide the opportunity for all members to comment. The Steering Committee considers this collection of input and may refine and recycle new drafts accordingly.  Final decisions are made by the Steering Committee following this input and discussion. Workgroups meet as often and in a form agreed upon by the workgroup. The Steering Committee meets twice a month, often by conference call.  The full, statewide Coalition meets quarterly in person in Harrisburg.
Current workgroup groups are:  the Provider Workgroup, the MCO/Waiver Workgroup, and the Child Welfare Workgroup. For more information on these workgroups, click on the link below.


The Coalition has three workgroups with distinct areas of focus. 

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lobbying restrictions 

The Coalition adheres strictly to restrictions on lobbying and political activities that apply to non-profit organizations and organizations receiving funding through federal grants.

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