THe IMagine different coalition

The Imagine Different Coalition, formed in May of 2014, is a group of parents, advocates, professionals, and allies from across the state that has come together because of a common concern about the number of children with disabilities growing up in congregate care. Coalition members agreed to work towards a Commonwealth that proudly assures that each and every child living here grows up in a family home where they are loved and nurtured.


We believe all children should grow up in families, and with the right supports this can happen for all children with disabilities.

Our Mission  

Our mission is to champion systemic change and the development of community support to ensure that every PA child with disabilities who lives in or is at risk of being placed in a congregate care setting can alternatively grow up in a well-supported and loving family.


Our focus is on:

  • Children (ages 0-22)

  • With developmental disabilities

  • Currently living in congregate care (long term living arrangements which are intended to address disability-related needs)

  • While remaining alert to opportunities to prevent such placements