Congregate Care and Child Development

Congregate Care for Children with Disabilities: Literature Review

Issues around congregate care are complex, as is the literature the might inform them. In this document Nancy Rosenau, Ph.D. provides relevant and informative materials on what matters most - to better support children with disabilities and their families.

"but aren't there some people...?" Dispelling the myth 

In this TASH Connections article, Nancy Rosenau, Ph.D. dissects and dispels the myth that "Some People really need to live in institutions."

"Do We Really Mean Families for All Children?"

Policy Research Brief on Permanency Planning for children with Developmental Disabilities

Precarious Pathways

Literature review on the use of residential Congregate Care by children with Developmental Disabilities 

Ordinary Lives, Extraordinary Needs: Assuring Family Life for Children with Complex Health Care Needs



This report was prepared for the Every Child Deserves a Home Coalition, a coalition formed in 2004 in Pennsylvania to "ensure that all children with complex health care needs and other disabilities have the opportunity to grow up in a loving, lasting family."








Child Welfare System

Achieving the Least Restrictive Setting in the Child Welfare System: What Disability Rights Advocates Need to Know

Both federal child welfare law and disability anti-discrimination statutes require that a child who has been removed from her home be placed in the least restrictive placement that meets her needs, yet children with disabilities continue to be disproportionately placed in congregate care settings. This recorded webinar provides participants with a better understanding of the federal requirements of the “least restrictive most family like setting” in child welfare law as well as practical information about how to make that happen for youth with disabilities in their systems. We provide an overview of alternatives to institutional care, including advocacy strategies for promoting family-based placements.

Congregate Care in Pennsylvania

Imagine Different...achieve different! workbooks

In 2012, the PEAL Center partnered with Nancy Rosenau, national expert on family-based alternatives to congregate care and Executive Director of Everychild, Inc. Texas to write the three Imagine Different...Achieve Different Workbooks. These were the foundation for the development of the Imagine Different Coalition. 

Read the Workbooks

2007 public administrative records review

Review of public records of children with disabilities living in congregate care in PA written by Liz Healey.