The Imagine Different Coalition, formed in May of 2014, is a group of parents, advocates, citizens, allies, and other professionals from across the state that has come together because of a common concern about the number of children with disabilities growing up in congregate care. The Coalition agreed to work towards a Commonwealth that proudly assures that each and every child living here grows up in a family home where they are loved and nurtured.

           Families take many forms: two parents, step parented households, foster, adoptive,                                          multigenerational, shared parenting, and life-sharing to name a few.                                       Learn MOre about the many paths to family life



Updates on the Coalition's work as well as recent developments relating to children living in congregate care in PA. 

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What are the benefits to both children and systems of family-based alternatives to congregate care? How can we help families consider and achieve family life for their children? What are the social and systemic changes needed in PA to make family life possible for all children?  

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